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Common Questions about Social Security Disability Insurance and Spousal Benefits

The social security office is in charge of processing benefit payments for disabled individuals entitled to social security disability insurance (SSDI) and supplemental security income (SSI). Annually, countless disabled people file for disability benefits. Despite the volume of disability cases, the people at the social security office look very carefully into each SSDI application.

Social security disability benefits are best explained by an experienced disability attorney. This article, however, will briefly cover common questions related to SSDI, spousal beneficiaries, and the disability benefits that they can receive.

1) Who may be recipients of a monthly benefit through a social security disability claim?

Filing for disability and qualifying for disability claims can be quite confusing. People with disabilities, in general, may apply for benefits and see if they would qualify for disability checks. Entitlement for a disabled person often comes with his or her age, work history, or the presence of a certain impairment or medical condition.

2) I am not of age and was not born with a disability but have become disabled. Do I have a right to social security benefits?

Aside from those who are of retirement age, individuals with acquired impairments or medical conditions may try to apply for social security benefits. Furthermore, an individual who became disabled and unable to work or return to work may also try applying for disability benefits.

3) Is there a social security disability insurance spousal benefit?

Because a disability can affect the ability to meet the financial need of an entire family, insurance benefits for disabled individuals may include dependents. This means that spouses could actually be entitled to additional disability payments.

4) Who qualifies for spousal disability benefits?

Questions about Social Security DisabilityThe following are the criteria set by the Social Security Administration:

  • The marriage is for a year or beyond
  • The spouse is 62 years old or beyond when the primary claimant started receiving benefits (an early retirement penalty is in place for younger claimants)
  • The spouse is caring for a child who is younger than 16 years old
  • The spouse is caring for and has parental responsibility for a disabled child receiving social security benefits (regardless of the child’s age, as long as the disability was diagnosed or acquired before he or she turned 22 years old)

5) How much are spousal social security benefits? 

A spouse may become eligible for up to half of the primary claimant’s disability benefit. Benefits from social security, however, must not exceed the maximum amount set for a family. This means that if a child is also receiving benefits, spousal disability payments could be reduced.

6) Why do I need an experienced disability lawyer for my disability application?

A reliable disability attorney can help ensure that you are correctly filing a disability claim. Your application for social security benefits must be taken seriously if you want to eventually start receiving disability payments.

For assistance on SSDI, spousal benefits, or social security information in general, contact our law firm. Call us at Farmer & Wright, PLLC for a consultation.

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