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A Guide on How to File for Disability

Disability is defined as any physical, mental, or developmental condition that limits the ability of a person to do certain activities and to interact with other people. It is a medical condition that may either be chronic or episodic. It is considered an impairment of the mind or body that affects a person’s way of living. It may be acquired from birth, from a work-related accident, or injury.

The government provides disability programs that offer assistance to people with disabilities. It includes the entitlement for disability benefits. Once a person becomes disabled, it is crucial to immediately file a disability claim with Social Security. The process may take as long as five months before you receive payments. This waiting period is set by the Social Security Administration to make sure that the disability is considered long-term. If you decide to delay the filing of the claim, the back payments will only be limited to 12 months from your filing date.

File for DisabilityFiling for disability may be done online or through any of the offices of the Social Security Administration.  If you decide to file it personally, a Social Security officer will guide you on how to fill out a claim form and other paperwork required to file for disability. You need to prepare supporting documents including a record of your work before you become disabled.  You need to present complete medical records that show your full name, location, contact details of all your health care providers, hospitals, patient ID numbers, visit dates, copy of prescriptions, and other medical information required. You need to submit your certified birth certificate copy and proof of your U.S. Citizenship, especially for foreign nationals.

If you were a part of the military, submitting your original Form DD 214 or the military discharge documents is required for all active-duty dates. If you were previously employed, you need to show your Form W-2 from the previous year. For self-employed, your federal tax return or IRS 1040 and Schedules SE and C should be submitted.

As part of the documentation, you need to declare all information relevant to compensation, such as the date when the injury occurred, the record of payment amounts, and the claim number. You need to provide your bank savings account details as well.  Also, you need to submit the social security numbers of your beneficiaries such as your minor children and spouse. Your qualifying dependents who are eligible for your disability benefits may submit the same documentation to file their claim.

The Social Security Administration will conduct a thorough investigation of your disability claim. The results gathered from the verification of your claim will be forwarded to the vocational rehabilitation agency or the Disability Determination Services of your respective state. This agency will make the final decision whether you will be considered “disabled” enough to receive disability benefits.  

The amount of your disability compensation every month depends on your age earnings record. Social Security will use your average income during the total years that you worked as the basis of determining the amount of the benefits that you will receive. Although it may seem substantial, the amount is still incomparable to your preinjury monthly income. The average monthly payment of an individual who is qualified for the social security disability benefits is approximately $1,166. Moreover, the standard disability check for a disabled spouse, child, or worker is $1,983. Your disability attorney can explain this to your in more detail.

Those people who earn high monthly income might have to pay federal income taxes as part of the SSDI benefits. You will be given a Social Security Benefit Statement at the end of the year to show the record of the benefits that you have received. If a disabled person receives only small disability benefits with no huge assets or bank account savings, you may qualify for Supplemental Security Income or SSI benefits apart from your Social Security disability benefit.

Adjusting to life with a disability will never be easy; however, there are ways on how to deal with the limitations and challenges. You are still in control of your life. Do not let your disabilities hinder you from achieving happiness. For legal assistance disability claims, do not hesitate to contact Farmer & Wright PLLC. Our experienced lawyers will always be ready to assist you in your disability application. Call 270 387 1414 for an initial consultation.

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