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When you fall behind on car or other vehicle loan agreement payments, this is what happens: the creditor has the right to repossess this personal-property of yours under Kentucky state law. If you or someone you know is struggling financially as a result of a financial setback, losing your vehicle for transportation might be problematic. 

If you do not have dependable transportation to work, you will find it difficult to earn the necessary salary. For this reason, finding a Car Possession Attorney in Kentucky is your best solution. 

Farmer & Wright is located in the state of Kentucky, in the city of Bowling Green. Hopkinsville, Louisville, and Paducah are all nearby cities. Our mission is to assist our clients by providing a high level of legal help to surmount the constraints in their lives effectively. You may schedule a free consultation now if you are seeking competent and reputable attorneys to handle your case.

Why do I need a Car Repossession Attorney in Kentucky?

car repossession attorney kentuckyWhatever the nature of your case, you must hire the most skilled lawyer possible. Your major concern should be what traits a Car Possession Attorney in Kentucky has. The following are some positive characteristics to keep in mind:

    • Reputable. Hiring a reputable lawyer is unquestionably helpful. One way to find them is to ask friends and family for recommendations or to scour the web and check the law firm’s reviews. Keep in mind that a law firm cannot build a good reputation if it does not provide high-quality service to its clients. If it does, it automatically follows that their service is exceptional.
    • Skilled. To help you with your case, a car possession lawyer must have extensive knowledge and expertise. While there are many brilliant attorneys who are still in their early stages, if your case is more complicated, selecting an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer should be your primary concern.
    • Availability. When creditors are preparing to repossess your vehicle, your financial situation is threatened. There is no time to waste in waiting for an attorney to take action. The law firm’s availability should also be examined because when you need the services of a Car Possession Attorney, they should be available anytime.

Farmer & Wright is one of Kentucky’s most reputable, skilled, and responsive law firms. The firm’s reviews and testimonies will demonstrate how great our attorneys are at handling a variety of cases, no matter how complex they are. Our competent attorneys’ vast years of experience enable them to understand the intricacies of Kentucky laws fully. In terms of availability, you can begin a free consultation at any moment so that we can thoroughly discuss your case!

What is Car Repossession?

Normally, when you apply for a loan to buy a new car, the documents on which you sign are the security interest in your vehicle. Because the vehicle serves as security for the car loan, the lender becomes the creditor. Most states in the United States, including Kentucky, provide car loan lenders the authority to repossess your vehicle in the case when you breach the loan payment agreement.

How Do Car Repossessions Work?

In most states, the lender can lawfully seize your car if it is done peacefully. However, keep in mind that the lender is not permitted to use force or intimidation against you, or simply use breach of peace in seizing the car. This includes repossessing your vehicle while it is still in the garage. Whether the lender intentionally or unintentionally infringed your peace, you have the right to file a complaint against him and seek damages.

What will the lender do once your vehicle has been repossessed?

After the creditor has repossessed the vehicle, he or she can sell it to satisfy your debts and obligations. Apropos the notice requirements and sale procedures will vary from state to state. However, you still enjoy the right to know where and when the sale will take place. 

Furthermore, the lender is required by law, that whenever he or she sells the car, it should be done in a commercially reasonable manner. The lender must adhere to proper sales standards while not attempting to collect the highest achievable price.

How can you get your vehicle back?

There is always a legal remedy to every situation. You can still get your vehicle as long as it hasn’t been sold by the lender yet. The options for acquiring your vehicle are listed below:

  • Purchase the Car. Redeeming your car is one option to get it back. When you do this, you must pay the lender the whole sum owed, including the repossession fee and any arrears. However, in most instances, people do not have enough money to redeem their vehicle.
  • Reinstate the Loan.  In some states, reinstating the loan is legally allowed. To do this, you need to settle all your arrears including the repossession costs. After that, you must continue making regular payments for the loan.
  • Buy it from the Auction. If the lender sells your vehicle at auction, you have the option of purchasing it from there. You should keep in mind that you will still be liable for any deficiency balance.
  • File a Bankruptcy petition. Filing for bankruptcy first before the sale will give you an automatic stay, which prevents the lender from selling your vehicle unless he is granted a court order.  Whether you file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, both might provide you extra time to get the money you need to get your car back. With the help of a bankruptcy lawyer, Bankruptcy would also assist you in repaying your arrears. 
  • Talk to the Bank. If none of the above options work for you, you may still negotiate with the creditor in a peaceful manner. For example, if you have three pending payments but only have the money to cover two of them, you can still negotiate a partial reinstatement and pay the remaining dues as soon as possible. You can also refinance the auto loan or work out a new payment schedule. Simply talk to the bank and see what they can agree on.

Call our Car Repossession Attorney Now!

You know how aggravating it may be when the lender unexpectedly seizes your car. Today’s transportation is difficult, which is why owning your vehicle is more convenient. To prevent this from happening, hiring an expert Car Repossession Attorney is a must. You should examine them in terms of skills and reputation; and also their availability to help you whenever you are in need. 

Other than stopping and preventing Car Repossession, Farmer & Wright also practices Personal Injury, Disability Claims, and Immigration. If you or someone you know is in need of our high level of legal help, schedule a free consultation today!

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