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Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys in Paducah, Kentucky

nursing home abuse lawyers

Kentucky is home to a large number of high-quality nursing facilities. Sadly, nursing facilities do not offer high-quality care and instead mistreat and abuse their patients and residents.

In some instances, even the finest nursing facilities are guilty of ignoring their patients due to a lack of sufficient personnel. Sometimes, these facilities are even unsafe for seniors and cause personal injury. When nursing facilities fail to deliver the level of care that their patients need, there are no justifications for the pain and suffering they have caused. 

As a result, family members and friends must understand how to spot the symptoms of abuse and neglect, as recognized by a reliable personal injury law firm in Kentucky.

So what does the injury law say about it? Should the facility be held liable?

If you have reason to believe that your loved one has been abused in a nursing home, our Kentucky personal injury attorney can assist your family in putting things right. Obtain compensation that can help with medical treatments, bills, and other expenses connected to their injuries.

Count on the legal team at Farmer and Wright PLLC Attorneys to be by your side for legal help while you fight for your senior loved one. Call us right now for a free consultation about your legal options and how our personal injury lawyers can help you with your personal injury claim. Know what you’re entitled to. We will fight for your legal rights and help you get fair compensation.

What Are the Types of Abuse and Neglect in Kentucky?

Senior abuse or neglect happens when a resident is purposefully injured or neglected and suffers as a consequence of the perpetrator’s actions.

The following are some examples of nursing home abuse that we have seen in Kentucky facilities:

Abuse on a Physical Level

When it comes to the elderly, physical violence is shockingly prevalent. Residents at nursing homes have reported being slapped, shoved, punched, or kicked, and this is not unusual.

If the resident cannot speak, the abuse may continue for an extended period, perhaps until the person’s death. It is possible that even if the resident is capable of communicating, they may be too confused to report the abuse, and they may be forced into not informing family or friends about the abuse.

Outward indications of abuse are the only actual proof, and they are often misattributed to the easily damaged skin of the elderly. That is a common misconception. Frequently, physical or sexual abuse of a nursing home patient is only reported to the nursing facility’s management or owners and not to the authorities.

Nursing home personnel and management are only concerned with their financial well-being and financing – not the well-being of its residents – when they neglect to inform the authorities.

Abuse on a psychological level

Because there are no visible signs of abuse, this kind of abuse may be more challenging to identify than physical abuse. Nonetheless, emotional abuse may be very stressful for nursing home patients and can be extremely hazardous to their health and well-being. It may also be a sign that the resident is in danger of being physically assaulted.

Residents in nursing homes are often subjected to psychological abuse. The following are examples of abuse of elderly residents:

  • Being berated or mocked by others
  • Being threatened
  • Being emotionally distressed
  • Being isolated
  • Being ignored
  • Being coerced
  • Being harmed


Residents usually choose to live in an assisted living facility because they need more assistance than they can get at their residence. If a patient cannot execute an essential self-care routine, the staff is responsible for following the routine.

A nursing home patient may be neglected if the person does not get the following care:

  • Being administered their medicine following the timetable set by the doctor.
  • Being assisted with basic self-care activities such as going to the toilet, washing clothes, and so forth.
  • Being checked regularly.
  • Being provided with food, or given the proper diet based on the requirements

What Are the Signs of Abuse or Neglect in a Nursing Facility?

It might not be simple to tell whether someone is abusing or neglecting a nursing home resident. In many instances, victims are completely unaware that they are being victimized because those supposedly caring for them are careless. Even when victims are aware that they have been abused, they are frequently too humiliated or embarrassed to come out and report it to authorities.

As a result of these circumstances, family members and friends must be aware of the symptoms of abuse and neglect and are vigilant in their search for them. It is only after the abuse has been discovered that loved ones may assist in putting an end to it. Let our personal injury lawyer fight for you and your loved ones.

While there are many indicators of nursing home neglect, the following are some of the more common:

  • Bone fractures
  • Serious injuries
  • Slip and fall
  • Bruises, scratches, and welts 
  • Withdrawal from social settings
  • Easily being frightened or shocked
  • Behavior changes that occur all of a sudden, such as getting irritated or losing self-confidence
  • Repeated habits, such as swaying back and forth or muttering incessantly
  • Refusal to take prescription medicine
  • Fear of being alone, or of being alone with a certain member of staff, that appears out of nowhere
  • Bruising in and around the genital region
  • Sexually transmitted illnesses that have no known cause
  • Unexpected vaginal or anal bleeding without a known cause
  • Expenses that have not been justified
  • Checkbooks, credit cards, and personal bank cards that have gone missing
  • Personal hygiene is lacking.
  • Weight loss that occurs suddenly and without explanation
  • Bedsores
  • Dehydration that is excessive and ongoing
  • Rooms in a state of disarray
  • Resentment against loved ones who visit the patient alone due to the refusal of the staff

Consult Kentucky Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

If your loved one has personal injuries due to physical or psychological negligence at a Kentucky senior center, nursing home, or assisted living facility, a Kentucky nursing home abuse attorney can help. We will help you file a personal injury case to collect damages and hold the institution accountable. Similarly, if your loved one died, his estate may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Abuse and neglect are unacceptable. Our personal injury attorneys fight to hold nursing facilities responsible and help residents and their families heal. Our law offices in Paducah, Hopkinsville, and Louisville have handled hundreds of cases and provided legal representation in Kentucky involving negligent or intentional acts by others. Call us now at 270-387-1414 to speak to a reliable personal injury attorney or fill up our online form to schedule a free initial consultation.



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