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Dog Bites Attorney in Paducah, Kentucky

Most people adore dogs. Dog owners consider their pets as members of their family and man’s best friend. As a result, a dog attack may be a traumatic experience for you and your loved ones. Dogs that become nasty may be dangerous and can be difficult to stop. At Farmer & Wright, PLLC, we understand how scary it can be when you are the victim of a dog bite injury. That is why, as dog bites attorneys in Paducah, KY, we have committed to helping victims of dog bites get the compensation they deserve.

More importantly, we ensure that your compensation covers your medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional distress. When you work with us, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your case is in good hands. 

Dog Bites Overview

One of the most frequently asked questions about dog attacks is, “Are dog owners liable for the damage?” Section 258.235 of Kentucky Revised Statutes governs dog bite damage claims resulting from such an animal assault.

An essential element of that law is that it renders a dog owner responsible for severe injuries from a dog bite to another person.

This state’s legal system favors victims who have been harmed in some manner by a dog. All harm to a person, animals, and other property, including the victim’s pet, is the sole responsibility of the dog’s owner.

Anyone may also kill or seize any dog they see assaulting someone, and dog owners must keep dangerous dogs away from humans at all times. If you’re suffering from a dog bite injury and you wish to seek compensation, consult with our Paducah personal injury attorneys today.

Injuries Caused by Dog Bites

Many people believe that dogs cannot do harm. However, this is untrue. Dog bites may cause mild to severe damages.

Dogs are responsible for various injuries inflicted on humans. These can include:

  • Abrasions 
  • Knee injuries;
  • Broken bones;
  • Disfigurement;
  • Facial and head injuries;
  • infections;
  • Lacerations;
  • Nerve damage;
  • Psychological damage;
  • Rabies; and
  • Scarring.

Dog bites may also be life-threatening, and in some cases, fatal. Seek the legal help of reliable dog bites attorney in Paducah, Kentucky if you’re suffering from a dog bite injury. We can help you claim the compensation you deserve and more.

Dealing With a Dog Bite Injury in Paducah, Kentucky

If someone’s pet has bitten you, the most basic line of action is to file a personal injury claim. Personal injury lawyers specializing in dog bite cases can help you file your claim if a dog has injured you. 

Another alternative is to launch a lawsuit against the person who is responsible for the dog. No one likes to be the cause of another person’s financial distress, but a dog bite victim ought to be compensated for their losses. Our Kentucky dog bites attorney can help you file a personal injury claim so you can get the compensation that is rightfully yours.

Filing a Dog Bite Complaint

Most dog-bite cases are resolved out of court by the injured party and the dog owner or insurance company. A lawsuit is a nightmare in terms of time and money.

If you have been bitten by a dog, or someone acting on their behalf, you may file a complaint in district court accusing the dog’s owner or keeper of harboring a dangerous dog to recover compensation. You might need help from a personal injury law firm in Paducah, KY.  

Negotiating With the Dog Owner

Contact the owner. Send a letter explaining what occurred, even if the owner knows the facts. Include any local or state dog-bite legislation. Try to negotiate and give the owner a payment deadline. A small claims court lawsuit will be filed if no agreement is reached before then. Mention that many dog owners are unaware that their homeowner’s insurance may cover the expense. Hopefully, the owner is not uninsured.

The owner must receive a copy of the complaint, accused in the same way and according to the laws governing the serving of summonses in civil proceedings. They need to attend the complaint’s hearing at the time specified in the complaint.

People who are charged with a felony and fail to appear in court or whose dog physically attacked a human being without reason while outside their property are liable to the penalties outlined in the law.

Filing a Notice of Claim

To fully pursue a dog bite claim in Kentucky, you must first file a Notice of Claim with the dog’s owner. You must file the Notice of Claim within two years of the date of the injury or one year of the date the injury was discovered, whichever is later. 

The Notice of Claim must contain certain basic information, including: 

  • The full name and address of the claimant 
  • The name and address of the owner of that dog in question
  • A description of the incident 
  • The date of the incident 
  • The nature of the injuries sustained 
  • The number of damages claimed; and
  • The claimant’s demand for settlement 

After filing the Notice of Claim, the claimant and the defendant(s) have 90 days to settle the claim. If no settlement takes place, you can file a lawsuit. Connect with a reliable Paducah dog bites attorney today so we can help you with your case. We will ensure that you get the compensation that is rightfully yours. 

Get Legal Help From Reliable Dog Bites Attorney in Paducah, KY

Know your legal rights. The best dog bites attorneys at Farmer & Wright, PLLC will work with you to ensure that you receive the compensation you are entitled to under personal injury law. We will see that the individuals responsible for your pain and suffering are held accountable.

Kentucky laws dealing with injury lawsuits concerning dog bite injuries, ownership, animal control agencies, and hazardous breed designations are complex, thus the need for competent dog bite attorneys. Consult with our reliable dog bites attorney by calling our Paducah personal injury law firm today.

We can also help you in your bankruptcy filing and disability claims in Kentucky. Schedule a free consultation with our reliable attorneys today!

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