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Burn Injury

Burn Injury Attorneys in Paducah, KY

Burn injuries affect millions of Americans a year, with around 1 million needing medical attention and 10,000 ending in deaths. Those who survive have to endure permanent disfigurement and scarring, along with a prolonged recovery period.

The good news is that modern medicine is constantly developing new techniques and methods for treating burns and dealing with disfigurement, disability, and pain that accompany them. 

Our experienced Paducah burn injury attorney at Farmer & Wright, PLLC has numerous success stories helping burn victims recover settlements and judgments. This can go a long way to improve their quality of life despite their injuries. 

A burn injury can be one of the most painful experiences of your life. If you or a loved one suffered burns from other people’s negligence, get in touch with our Paducah personal injury law attorneys to recover the maximum compensation possible. 

Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Burns are primarily a health concern. Since it can cause severe damages to our skin, you need to know about basic burn medications, such as first-aid remedies and burn prevention tips.

Radiation Burn

Radiation burns put you at risk of internal damage and cancer. Sunburns are the most common, but it’s also possible to obtain burns from radiation therapy and X-rays. If you’ve confirmed it’s from the latter sources; then we can help you file medical malpractice charges against the negligent parties involved.

If you need help claiming your compensation from medical negligence, contact our Paducah burn injury attorney at (270)387-1414 for legal representation. 

Chemical Burn

Chemical burns occur when you touch a strong acid or base. Common acids and bases include ammonia, bleach, and other household cleaners. The damage depends on the part of the body that touched the chemical and their contact.  
If you sustained chemical burns from another party’s negligence, consult with our experienced Paducah burn injury attorney to see how you can pursue damages. 

Thermal Burn

People usually get thermal burns from household accidents or auto accidents. As the name suggests, exposure to something hot, like an open flame, a heated object, steam, dry heat, or burning water causes these burns. 
Contact with these sources can cause scars and blisters, along with possible damage to your respiratory system from inhalation. 
If you’ve suffered severe injury from thermal burns, get in touch with our Paducah burn injury attorneys to see if you can pursue damages

Electrical Burn

Electrical burns are commonly from workplace accidents. Places of employment like offices, agricultural sites, restaurants, and construction sites are usually where electrical burns occur.
Electrical burns happen when your body gets in contact with an electrical current. The injury depends on the voltage, the current, and how the electricity travels through the body. 
A work injury entitles you to workers’ compensation. If you’ve received electrical burns arising from carelessness in your workplace, get in touch with our savvy Paducah workers comp and burn injury attorneys to recover compensation for medical bills and lost wages.

The Severity of Burns

The extent of the damage is often described in degrees, with the third degree as the most severe. The depth of the injury and the surface area affected determine the type of degree burn. Aside from burn injuries, there are also other types of injuries you may get from an accident.
If you’re suffering from an injury and you want to seek compensation, don’t hesitate to connect with our personal injury law firm in Paducah, Kentucky, or call us at (270) 387-1414 to schedule a consultation.

Third Degree Burn

A third-degree burn is the most severe degree of burn, affecting all layers of the skin and maybe even damaging the muscles and blood vessels. Charred skin with white patches often marks a third-degree burn.
These are the most painful types of burns, and a third-degree burn may numb the nerve endings in the most severe cases.

Second Degree Burn

A second-degree burn is minor if it affects no more than 15% of your body. For this type of burn, the outer layer of your skin is destroyed while the second layer is slightly damaged.

First Degree Burn

These usually affect only the outermost layer of skin. These are the most common type of burns, but they are the least painful. Expect to recover in a matter of days. Sunburns are usually the cause of first-degree burns.
No matter the severity of the burn, an injury is still an injury. If another party is at fault, you’re entitled to compensation for the expenses and the pain and suffering you’ve endured. Contact our Paducah burn injury attorney at (270)387-1414 to fight for you and get you the compensation you deserve.

Types of Burn Injury Lawsuits 

You can file different kinds of legal action depending on the parties involved and the location where you got the burn. A burn injury lawsuit can be personal injury cases such as:
Our knowledgeable Paducah burn injury attorneys can help you determine what course of action to take to receive compensation for your injuries. Call our law office today at (270)387-1414 for legal help!

What A Paducah Burn Injury Attorney Will Do

The legal process can be complicated, and our experienced attorneys in Kentucky will want to ensure that everything will go well with your case before it can proceed. Your attorney will look at the evidence to see if you have a valid claim under Kentucky personal injury law. 
This can involve:
  • Reviewing the medical reports prepared by the treating physicians;
  • Securing relevant evidence such as pictures of the scene, police records, and fire department reports;
  • Hiring accident investigators, electricians, or safety inspectors to help determine the cause of the accident and establish the parties liable for the burn injuries;
  • Consult with experts to evaluate the costs involved with the necessary rehabilitation and treatment.
The attorneys from our Paducah personal injury law firm have years of experience navigating, bankruptcy petitions, disability claims, burn injury claims, and recovering the due compensation. If you need help filing your injury claim, contact our Paducah burn injury law office today! Call us at (270)387-1414 to schedule a consultation.

Settlement for your Burn Injury

For some cases, our Paducah burn injury attorneys can secure a proper settlement before the lawsuit proceeds to trial. Without the help of our attorneys, you may be tempted to accept inadequate compensation from insurance companies looking to save a couple of bucks. This initial offer is usually insufficient to cover the expenses associated with your burn injury. 
Burn injuries are not the only thing you can suffer after an accident. If you’ve been involved in an accident such as a truck accident, DUI accident, motorcycle accident, or an ATV accident don’t hesitate to seek legal help. Our skilled attorneys can negotiate with the insurance company to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. If the insurance companies don’t give you an adequate settlement, we will help you take your case to court. 

Burn Injury Compensation

There are different types of damages our Paducah burn injury attorneys can help get you. 

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are awarded as punishment to the person liable for the incident. These are usually involved for particularly negligent or intentional conduct that resulted in your injury. 

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages refer to compensation that the court awards for pain and suffering. This can cover physical pain and mental distress, along with disfigurement caused by the burn injury. 

Economic Damages

Economic damages compensate burn victims for the medical expenses relating to their injury, including future treatment. This can also cover lost wages from your inability to work resulting from the injury. If this affects even your ability to perform essential parts of your job, you can also claim compensation for diminished earning capacity.

Hire Our Paducah Burn Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one have endured a burn injury, don’t suffer in silence. You can be entitled to financial compensation to cover medical expenses and the suffering caused by the incident. 
Don’t hesitate to seek legal action. If you’re dealing with other personal injuries such as a brain injury or a bicycle accident injury, call our Paducah burn injury attorneys at Farmer & Wright, PLLC, to schedule a free consultation!
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