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Did Your Car Insurance Claim Get Denied? Read This to Know the Next Step

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Prevention is better than cure. We’ve heard that statement time and again in health-related scenarios but it is applicable even in car accident cases. We’ve been told to purchase car insurance and to have it with us at all times in case we find ourselves in an accident. Car insurance exists in order for us to get coverage and lower costs for property damage in this scenario, so we wouldn’t find ourselves paying for an overwhelmingly large amount. 

There are several existing car insurance policies that cover us in unfortunate times. When we get into an accident, we usually think of filing a car accident claim first  in order to settle matters between parties,  avoiding an accident lawsuit and escalation of the case to court. We also often think about getting medical assistance first to ease pain and suffering. While most times this can go smoothly, other times we aren’t so lucky. Car accident claims can get denied for an array of reasons. 

Knowing about car insurance claims from the definition to the reasons why claims get denied is the first step to solving this problem. Learning the procedure on what to do when your car insurance claim gets denied helps make the entire process smoother. 

If you get involved in a car accident and are in need of help in claiming for damages, seek the legal guidance of a seasoned personal injury law attorney in Paducah, Kentucky. Contact Farmer & Wright, PLLC for any concerns relevant to personal injury and obtain the compensation you deserve to help get your life back on track.  

What are Car Insurance Claims?

When you get involved in a car accident, there are several procedures that you must take into account before sorting out any insurance and financial problems. At the scene of the accident, you must first ensure that everyone is in a stable, sound state, and that all necessary information have been gathered. Before filing a claim, it is best to acquire knowledge on coverage in order to understand what you will be getting into.  Learning these can help smoothen the process and help you become better compensated.

These are just some steps on filing car accident claims. Keep in mind that the process varies from company to company, but here are just some of the general rules. 

  • Relay Accident Information to Your Insurer

Supply your insurer with information regarding the accident including those involved. Important information insurers usually ask for include names, contact numbers, location, and photos. You might even need to supply police reports and information regarding law enforcement such as their names and badges.

  • Stay Informed About Your Policy

Navigating car accident claims can be quite tricky and when you’re in this low state, you could be susceptible to low balling and end up settling for less than what you deserve. When filing for car insurance claims, ask. Do not hesitate to clarify important information involving your policy such as deductibles, transportation expense coverage, and how long it’ll take for you to file a claim. 

  • Get Car Repair Estimates

Getting car repair estimates is a requirement, but the kind of parts depends on your policy. Some insurance policies do not include original equipment manufacturer parts and you could be responsible for shouldering some of these. This is why it is essential to review and understand your policy to know which parts are covered and which aren’t. 

A vehicle that is totaled should have the insurer pay for the vehicle’s actual cash value sans the deductibles, which is the depreciated value of the car. It is imperative to enlist the assistance of an accident lawyer for a smooth-sailing filing process.

Car Insurance Claims: The Do’s and Don’ts

Just like in any other transaction there are things you should do and things you shouldn’t. When filing for car accident claims, it is important to keep these pointers in mind and act accordingly to avoid getting denied:


  • Inform your agent of the incident and gather evidence in the form of receipts, pictures, and police reports.
  • Make sure you thoroughly understand your policy and review it with a legal expert in case some things are unclear.
  • Consider if you have other existing insurance policies
  • Relay the incident as honestly as possible. Providing fraudulent information in accident reports is grounds for having your auto accident claims denied.
  • Understand the difference between replacement coverage and actual cash value.


  • Don’t give any statements unless you are sure about your policy. Consult an injury lawyer if you are plagued with doubts.
  • Do not immediately accept estimates nor sign any releases or waivers.
  • Refrain from accepting any document with “final payment” written on it unless you are sure.
  • Keep in contact with your insurer as they have the legal obligation to provide coverage. 

Should you encounter any difficulties or misunderstandings when filing for car accident claims, consult a car accident attorney now to help straighten things out and ensure that you get the rightful coverage you deserve. 

Why Your Claim Got Denied and What to Do About It

It can be rather frustrating to see that your car insurance claim gets denied. It’s bad enough to get into an accident and have to worry about medical bills, lost wages, and damages, but seeing that the company has decided to not push forward with your claim can just about make you snap. To get to the bottom of the matter, here are the main reasons why your car accident claim got denied:

  • Policy limits are a usual reason for claims being denied. It is a standard that your claim cannot be higher than the set limit. If you have a policy that varies from the accident you are in, you could also get denied. 
  • Individuals found guilty of breaking traffic laws such as driving under the influence, speeding, or driving without a license can find their car accident claims denied.
  • Failing to report the incident after a car accident and seeking medical help immediately. 
  • Providing fraudulent information could also be grounds for denial. 

Seek Legal Representation

Nobody wants to find themselves in a terrible, traumatic auto accident and have their car accident claims denied in the process. This scenario could only be so disastrous to anyone in it. When faced with this kind of dilemma, calling a law firm specializing in personal injuries is a big help.  Consulting an experienced injury attorney from Farmer & Wright , PLLC, can help you settle matters and get the coverage you deserve. Schedule an appointment now or call  at 270-387-1414 for a free consultation with our competent injury attorneys.

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