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Important Things To Do During A Car Accident

An accident is an unplanned event that causes inconvenient and undesirable consequences. It happens in the most unexpected time and place. These unforeseen events usually cause devastating injuries, harm, and risks to the victims. One of the most common types of accidents is road traffic accidents or car collisions. It involves one or more vehicles in motion that hit a person, an object, or another vehicle.

There are several causes of car accidents, such as distracted driving (texting while driving), driving under the influence of alcohol (or dangerous drugs), overspeeding, reckless driving, defective vehicle, and adverse weather conditions. Car accident victims may suffer from serious injuries including spinal or brain injuries, whiplash, fracture, paralysis, or even wrongful death. However, with appropriate safety precautions, obedience to traffic laws, and attentiveness, accidents can be prevented.

Car accident laws may vary from state to state. In Louisville, there are state laws that you need to follow when you deal with car accident cases. A credible Louisville attorney will guide you on the car accident laws implemented in the state.

When you are involved in a vehicle accident, you have to stop, move out of the car, and check for any damage. If an individual is severely hurt and injured in an accident, call 911 for immediate medical assistance. You may perform first aid, but if you are in doubt, it is better to wait for proper medical treatment from trained emergency responders.

It is important to take the contact information of all the persons involved in the accident most especially the potential witnesses. You must take note of the person’s full name, complete address, driver’s license number, car registration number, license plate number, vehicle model, insurance company details, and list of the vehicle damages.

You need to notify the police about the accident for them to investigate the probable causes at the earliest time. If you choose not to inform the police but there were damages worth $500, you have to fill out a detailed accident report and submit it to Kentucky State Police within a 10-day grace period from the date of the accident. If you are involved in an accident with a parked vehicle and you cannot contact the driver at that moment, you have to at least leave your full name, home address, contact number, and car registration number then leave it on the damaged car.

In this circumstance, you may be tempted to run away from the accident immediately without even reaching out to the other party involved. This is commonly known as “hit and run” and it is considered a crime in Kentucky. If you leave the accident scene with a damaged property but no inflicted injuries, then your action is considered a misdemeanor. On the other hand, if you leave the accident scene with severe injuries, such action is called a felony. Both crimes have a penalty worth $2,000 or a jail time of one year.

When you own a car, drivers are obliged to acquire auto insurance. The car insurance policy minimums include $25,000 for each person as personal injury protection for third parties (yourself, pedestrians, passengers, and other motorists), $50,000 personal injury protection for third parties (pedestrians and motorists), and $10,000 per occurrence property damage protection.

You may file a car insurance claim from your insurance provider within the statute of limitations for you to successfully receive your benefits and compensation. If there is a presence of the police, you will be required to take a detailed police report as a supporting document for the car accident claim.

Kentucky is considered a “no-fault” insurance state. If one of the parties involved in the vehicular accident did not suffer severe injuries and the medical expenses are not more than $1,000, he or she may opt not to sue the other parties involved without considering who is at fault. In contrast, if the party had obtained devastating injuries such as permanent disability, broken bones, or death, he or she may file a car accident lawsuit against the other drivers involved. You may seek the legal help of a competent Louisville personal injury attorney to assist you in filing an accident lawsuit.

For insured drivers, the insurance policies that they have can generally cover the medical bills and damages caused by the accident. On the contrary, uninsured drivers will be forced to pay all expenses and damages “out of pocket”. 

Finding out the party at fault is one of the most crucial steps in filing a car accident lawsuit. There is a need for a thorough investigation to identify the cause of the accident, the behavior of the driver, and the natural factors that contributed to the occurrence of the crash or collision. The jury will review the details of the accident and then determine which drivers share a part of the blame. It will be measured using percentage, then it will be used as a basis to divide the damages.

Being involved in a car accident can be traumatic and stressful. To ease the pain and suffering, it is advisable to seek legal assistance from our experienced Louisville attorneys from Farmer & Wright, PLLC Law Firm to help you evaluate your situation and devise the best course of action. Contact our Louisville personal injury lawyers who will guide you to pursue an injury claim, to have a proper insurance settlement, and to fight for you throughout the process of the car accident lawsuit.

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