Injured in Car Accidents: What to Avoid in Personal Injury Cases in KY

Injured in Car Accidents: What to Avoid in Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury law includes a very broad range of injury cases. A personal injury case may pertain to a dog bite, a slip, and fall, property damage, medical malpractice or carelessness, nursing home abuse or neglect, defective products, or a lot of other things. The list goes on. In the same way, a motor vehicle accident covers a lot of cases under injury law. The term can refer to an automobile accident, a bicycle accident, a bus accident, a motorcycle accident, a pedestrian accident, or even a truck accident.

While you do need to seek medical treatment right away and eventually talk to your insurance company, keep in mind that injury cases are handled by an injury lawyer. Make sure your legal rights are protected by consulting reliable personal injury attorneys. They can help check for any negligence or malpractice, make a personal injury claim, or file an injury lawsuit when necessary.

Damages for personal injury can be quite complicated to understand. Below are common mistakes committed by accident victims or claimants who do not seek legal help from the right injury attorneys:

  1. Failure to record what happened during the vehicle accident

Injured in Car AccidentsTake photos or even a video of everything: locations, involved vehicles, any witnesses, and those injured in the accident. Create a written narrative of what led to the car accident as well as who is involved. Log the limitations brought about by the injury, whether it will limit your movements at home or in your job. Forward all these to your accident attorney.

  1. Accident settlement through personal injury calculators

Regardless of your insurance company, an insurance adjuster will likely have your case resolved as quickly and cheaply as possible. In contrast, an injury law firm will look closely into your case. They will look into the type and severity of your serious injury, medical bills, and other aspects of your accident injury claim.

Using personal injury calculators will often lead to smaller, less substantial settlements. In some instances, they might not even be enough to cover actual medical expenses and compensate for any lost income.

  1. Not choosing the right accident lawyer for your injury claims

Other law offices will settle to simply send ineffective letter demands to an insurance adjuster. Keep in mind that it is not just about being compensated. The amount you would be receiving is incomparable to the serious injuries, emotional distress, pain, and suffering, or even the wrongful death of a loved one. Get a personal injury lawyer who will work to make the negligent party accountable through your injury case. Call our personal injury attorneys from Kentucky at Farmer and Wright, PLLC today.

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