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Your SSD Request for Hearing Filed


What's going on with my Social Security Disability Claim?

  • Farmer & Wright is requesting a disability hearing. This is the step where we have the most success.
  • Your primary concern is getting all required medical treatment and report those appointments to our Disability Treatment Hotline: 1-844-369-9776
  • Farmer & Wright use this information to obtain all of your medical records.
  • This is why it is very important when you go to ANY appointment to let our Disability Treatment Hotline (1-844-369-9776) know.
  • Farmer & Wright does not want to forget a health care provider when it comes to your Hearing, which is why you should call the hotline.
  • Any changes in medication should be reported to the hotline as well.
  • Farmer & Wright submits ALL of the paperwork to Social Security Administration (SSA) at this point.
  • You do not have to complete forms or speak with SSA.
  • You do not have to alert our office when they receive letters. We will receive them as well. 
  • Unfortunately, we have to wait for a hearing date at this time.
  • There is nothing any law firm can do that can speed up the process.
  • The wait could be 9-12 months long. The wait starts when we request a hearing, not when you started the process.
  • You will receive notice at least 75 days before the Hearing, so you do not have to worry about missing the Hearing.
  • The hearing office has thousands of cases. They schedule the cases by request for Hearing date. First in, First out.

When the hearing office receives the case:

  • The Acknowledgement of Receipt of Case mailed out when the hearing office receives the request.
  • There is a video teleconference objection statement in the packet.
  • You do NOT have to complete that notice. You do not have to forward the forms to us.
  • The next thing you will receive is a Pre-Hearing Questionnaire.
  • You do NOT have to complete this either.
  • Farmer & Wright will complete those forms and send them to the hearing office. They do not have to forward the forms to us.
  • If you are receiving those forms, that is GREAT news! It lets us know that case has been “worked up”/put in order and ready to schedule for a hearing.
  • Once the hearing office has an open date, they will schedule the Hearing automatically.
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