Role of a Kentucky Social Security Disability Lawyer

The Role of a Kentucky Social Security Disability Lawyer

A disabled person is defined as an individual with a physical, developmental, or mental condition that restricts his or her ability to work, perform any substantial gainful activity, and socialize with other people. A disability is considered as an impairment of the body or mind that affects a person’s way of daily living. It can be caused by a congenital disorder, work-related accident, personal injury, or post-traumatic injury. It can be classified as short-term disability or long-term disability, depending on the severity of the case.

The government, through the Social Security Administration, offers disability programs that provide financial assistance to lessen the burden and hardship of people with disabilities. There are certain qualifications and disability criteria that you need to meet before you become entitled to apply for Social Security benefits. It is important to know if your medical condition is covered and eligible for disability pay.

Hiring a Social Security disability lawyer comes with a lot of benefits. It is crucial to consider the proper timing to involve an attorney during the process. This article covers the following information that will help you understand the importance of having a disability attorney:

  1. Benefits of Having a Disability Lawyer
  2. Disability Attorney Fees
  3. Right Time to Hire a Disability Attorney

Benefits of Having a Disability Lawyer

Kentucky Social Security Disability LawyerSome people with disabilities had filed their disability claims successfully on their own. However, statistics prove that a claimant with legal counsel is more likely to receive approval from Social Security than those who filed without legal representation. When you have a disability lawyer beside you, you’ll have a higher success rate in winning and claiming disability benefits.

Disability lawyers have an in-depth understanding of how to handle disability cases in favor of their clients. A qualified Kentucky social security disability attorney can assist you throughout the disability application process. Here are some reasons why you need an attorney when you apply for Social Security disability benefits:

  • Help you fill out the necessary forms and prepare the complete paperwork
  • Guide you on your alleged date of onset
  • Prove your medical eligibility and ensure that your medical condition is included on the list of qualifying impairments and illnesses in the “blue book” of Social Security
  • Gather and submit relevant medical records as evidence and seek your doctor’s opinion during the reconsideration stage and hearing level
  • Know the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) in your district
  • Prepare you for the possible “questions to ask” by the judge during the hearing (work history and medical conditions)
  • Obtain useful testimonials from you during the hearing
  • Cross-examine the medical expert or vocational expert in proving that you are unable to work
  • Draft legal arguments for appeals process (in case of denial)

Several arguments can be used to win a disability claim. Your Social Security disability attorney can select the argument that will work best on your case because he or she knows and understands Social Security’s rules and regulations on which they are based.

After choosing the most appropriate argument, your disability attorney will help you meet the requirements using the facts of the case. Your Social Security lawyer can anticipate the weakness of your disability case and help you manage them. It can be difficult to understand these arguments without sufficient knowledge about disability law.

Most disability attorneys have extensive experience with the appeal hearing process, therefore, claimants with lawyers are more likely to win on appeal. A competent Kentucky social security disability lawyer can work through the process correctly improving your chances to win your appeal.

Disability Attorney Fees

Before you hire a disability lawyer, it is important to know the benefits and the costs of hiring one. According to the regulations by federal law, a disability lawyers’ fee is typically 25% of your disability back pay or a maximum amount of $6,000. Disability attorneys will only charge this fee agreement once you win your case.

Right Time to Hire a Disability Attorney

It is advisable to hire a Social Security disability lawyer as early as possible. Your Social security attorney can help you determine the strengths and weaknesses of your disability case.

It is recommended to seek legal help from a disability attorney before filing for a disability claim. A claimant who has received approval during the initial part of the application will be charged with a lesser lawyer’s fee because of the back benefits owed from Social Security.

Moreover, your disability lawyer can help move your case quickly and have it expedited through the Social Security system to reduce the waiting period, most especially if you are badly in need of financial assistance or if your medical disability or condition is at the terminal stage. Furthermore, your lawyer can request the judge for an “on-the-record” (OTR) decision allowing you to be approved for Social Security disability benefits even without a hearing.

The process of applying for disability benefits is complicated right from the start, therefore it is advisable to schedule a consultation and seek legal assistance from our experienced Kentucky social security disability lawyers at Farmer and Wright, PLLC. Our credible disability lawyers will help you understand the disability benefits you could be entitled to. The advantages of having a disability lawyer outweigh the costs. Our disability lawyers will help you get your full disability benefits and avoid jeopardizing your Social Security claim.

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