Social Security Lawyer Can Help With Your Disability Filing

Ways a Social Security Lawyer Can Help With Your Disability Filing

Every month, the Social Security Office receives countless applications for supplemental security income (or the SSI program) and social security disability insurance (or SSDI). Applying for social security through these disability programs, however, is not easy. If you are planning to apply for social security benefits, you must first be familiar with who qualifies based on set disability requirements. Afterward, you must be familiar with how the actual application process goes. Keep in mind that you do not have to do this alone. Below are ways a social security disability attorney can help when you apply for disability benefits:

1) An experienced social security attorney can differentiate your SSI from SSDI

While both SSI and SSDI benefits are being handled by the Social Security Administration (SSA), there are differences between these two forms of disability benefits. Note that this is not only in terms of the requirements for eligibility and entitlement. The actual social security disability benefits likewise differ. A competent attorney can explain both the requirements and the benefits that an individual is entitled to receive, under either SSI or SSDI disability programs.

2) Disability attorneys can help with general paperwork

Social SecurityAs previously mentioned, qualifying and applying for benefits can be difficult. A disabled claimant must first meet general qualifications before he or she can receive benefits. If you are unable to work because of an existing impairment or acquired medical condition, for instance, your attorney can help prepare your medical record and other supporting documents that must be included in your disability application.

3) Lawyers can discuss specific disability criteria for either form of disability payments

Filing for disability claims through the above involves various factors. When applying for SSI, for instance, financial need is one of the qualifications. Here, a low-income disabled person may still qualify for social security disability, regardless of his or her work record or if payments were made into the Social Security system. This is in contrast to SSDI benefits, where disabled persons filing for disability claims must have paid into the system for at least ten years.

4) Disability lawyers can help document your finances as you apply for benefits

While Medicare coverage is automatic for people with disabilities receiving benefits under SSDI, such is not very comprehensive (especially when compared to the healthcare coverage of Medicaid). For this reason, low-income disabled workers often opt for a social security claim under SSI, even if the benefit amount can relatively be less significant. Your lawyer can help document the balance in your bank account and check if you are eligible for SSI payments.

5) A disability attorney can help you reorganize your assets, if necessary 

Because claiming disability payments under SSI is need-based, some disabled people opt to reorganize their assets to qualify for social security benefits (or continue to qualify, after a certain time). This is especially true for individuals who acquire substantial assets that may lead to a denial or subsequent disqualification of their disability filing.

6) Social security attorneys can answer questions on what you can expect

Relative to SSI benefits, SSDI benefits are usually more significant in amount. As stated, SSDI benefits are based on payments that an individual has made into the Social Security system. One’s SSDI disability benefit will be based on his or her work and earning, and would vary for each individual. Here, the benefits of a person with a high monthly income who became disabled, for certain reasons, will generally get higher than what a low-income earner is entitled to receive. 

If you or your family members have a disability or have recently become disabled because of an accident or illness, make sure you file for disability. While it is true that applying for disability benefits can be challenging, actually qualifying is not impossible. This is especially true if you have a reliable social security disability lawyer helping you.

Our law firm specializes in supplemental security income (SSI), social security disability insurance (SSDI). For any questions related to social security benefits, your pending disability claim, or even your retirement benefits, give us a call at 270 387 1414. Contact us at Farmer & Wright, PLLC to consult with a reliable disability lawyer.

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